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SWITCHMED Connect (29-30 October, 2015), Barcelona, Spain


CEDARE participated in the SWITCHMED Connect Event that was held during the period from 29-30 October, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. The event was organized by the SWITCHMED Programme.

The SwitchMed Connect 2015 was the first annual gathering of the European Union (EU) funded SwitchMed Programme with more than 300 Mediterranean stakeholders to build synergies, exchange knowledge, and scale up eco and social innovations.

Study Tour on Recycling (17-21 October, 2015), Austria, Germany & Switzerland


CEDARE participated in the field trip that was conducted from the 17 – 21 October 2015 which included participants from Ghana, Egypt, Colombia, South Africa, Peru and India.

The field trip covered visits to an international trade fair for plastics processing, major e-waste recycling facilities and dismantling, pre-processing and recycling of plastics.  An important and informative tour of the EMPA & WRFA offices was conducted where a presentation of the organization was delivered to the participants.

Roundtable on Sustainable Recycling Industries (14-16 October, 2015), Davos, Switzerland


CEDARE participated in the Roundtable on Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI Roundtable) that was held during the period from 14-16 October 2015 in Davos, Switzerland. The Roundtable addressed sustainability criteria in secondary resources management in developing countries.

The objective of the SRI Roundtable is to facilitate the international promotion and recognition of policies and standards for the sustainable management of secondary resources.

Eye on Earth Summit (6-8 October, 2015), Abu Dhabi, UAE

eye on earth2CEDARE participated in the Second Eye on Earth Summit that was convened on 6-8 October 2015 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), under the gracious patronage of the President of the United  Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and organized by the Eye on Earth Alliance with sponsorship from the Government of Abu Dhabi.



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Best of Two Worlds “Bo2W” Project Closing Event (September 24th 2015), Berlin, Germany


CEDARE participated in the Best of Two Worlds “Bo2W” Project Closing Event that was held on September 24th 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The event was organized by Oko-Institut.

The project falls under the theme of “Global re-circulation of strategic metals: Best of Two-Worlds approach” seeking opportunities for recycling of strategic materials found in e-waste. In light of the rising shortage in primary raw material on one hand, and the environmental burden of unexploited waste in the developing world on the other hand, the best of two worlds approach aims to close global raw material life cycles while optimizing the environmental and social return in the developing world.