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GWP-Med Partnership Council (19th Meeting)– Brussels

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network open to all organizations involved in water resources management. It provides knowledge and builds capacity to improve water management at all levels by deploying 20 years of knowledge and experience in applying the cross-sectional integrated water resources management approach to sustainable development. Dr. Khaled Abu Zeid has been attending their annual Partnership council meeting for over 2 years now and has been updated on the 21st of December 2016 on the GWP Agenda for Change, the GWP-Med institutional and governance issues, the GWP-Med audited budget 2015 and the GWP-Med Work Programme 2017-2019.

The 6th Meeting of the WEG Drafting Group– Brussels

The UfM WEG Meetings objective is to inform and update attendees – Dr. Khaled AbuZeid included – on the steps taken and foreseen toward financial strategy in support of the decisions of the UfM Ministerial Conference, the work of the Drafting Group according to the mandate it was given by the WEG and the basis of the prior work of the Drafting Group (the drafts include the common regional water agenda in the UfM framework, WEG Mode of Operations and Roadmap and guidelines for a WEG Work Programme).

The Union for the Mediterranean 6th Meeting of the Water Expert Group, 19-22 December 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Khaled AbuZeid, water expert and Regional Water Resources Programme Manager, has participated in the Union for the Mediterranean 6th Meeting of the Water Expert Group, 19th-22nd December 2016, Brussels, Belgium.

The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfMS) announced the Sixth Meeting of the Water Expert Group (WEG), took place on 20th December 2016 in Brussels. The Meeting was of paramount importance as a step towards the UfM Ministerial Meeting on Water which is to be held in Malta in 2017. The 6th WEG Meeting would contribute to the consultation towards a draft ministerial declaration, integrating and expanding contents of the UfM regional water agenda.