CEDARE’s 2020 Policy support and training for Sustainable Cities and future plans for air pollution control

As 2020 came to a close, CEDARE in collaboration with FES Egypt celebrated its publication “Mainstreaming Electric Mobility in Egypt: Seeing the bigger picture of sustainable cities“. The training programs revolving around this policy document came at a very relevant time during the COVID-19 pandemic, when one of the major challenges in preventive measures is the provision of transportation alternatives, and remembering that electric mobility is only “a” solution and not “the” solution. Among the key highlights were the reminders that fuel-quality in Egypt is a fundamental prerequisite to cleaner air and parallel planning for walkability and cycling friendliness are essential to the bigger picture of a sustainable city. An introduction to the concepts of Micromobility has also been addressed with reflections on the necessary regulations that must be developed in the coming years.

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Training of trainers on sustainable mobility and Low Emission Zones (LEZs)


On October and November 2020, CEDARE brought together a group of ten) to individuals whose work involves activism, advocacy or education around sustainable mobility for a TOT facilitated by Dr. Ahmed El-Dorghamy. The training of trainers was designed to provide a contextualized education on sustainable urban mobility and Low Emission Zones (LEZs). The module covered different types of low emission mobility modes including non-motorized mobility (walking and cycling), electric mobility and public transportation.

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61st Annual Congress of Egyptian Society for Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis (ESCT): CEDARE Presents study updates that promise mitigation of respiratory diseases in Egypt through its refineries upgrades and fuel quality roadmap

On October 21st, 2020, the Sustainable Growth Program (SGP) of CEDARE, represented by Dr. Ahmed El-Dorghamy, presented results of the refineries upgrades study for air quality improvement, delivered to the audience of the Egyptian Society for Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis (ESCT) in their 61st annual congress. It was chaired by Prof. Dr. Awawd Tag El-Din, President of Congress and Society, and of Pulmonology in Ain Shams University, and attended by a host of Egypt’s leading pulmonologists exchanging experience to advance efforts in improving public health.

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Policy Measures to Address Single-Use Plastic Bags in Egypt: Sharing key study outcomes

In conclusion of its recent study, on July 5, 2020, the Sustainable Growth Program (SGP) of CEDARE in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Industry of Egypt held a webinar on measures to address single-use plastic bags in Egypt. It was held with the presence of H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment of Egypt, H.E. Noke Masaki Ambassador of Japan in Egypt, and Mr. IWASAKI Akihiro, Senior Representative of JICA Egypt Office, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA),  among other esteemed representatives of  key stakeholders and experts including the Plastic Technology Center and the Hurghada Environmental Protection Agency (HEPCA) among others. Key outcomes included the emphasis on the need to develop a legal framework to enable the transition towards such circular economy transitions and to enable and incentivize innovation and development of green businesses, as well as nudging the necessary behavior change among consumers.

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Sustainable Recycling Industries Project Phase II launch

On the 10th of March 2020 in Cairo – Egypt and at the premises of  the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT),  Switzerland and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announced in a press conference their agreement on the extension of the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) project in Egypt, originally launched in 2016 and completed in 2018, through an additional grant contribution of 1.2 million CHF for the period 2020-2023.

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Steering Committee of the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) Project holds the Sixth Meeting

Under the framework of SRI project, the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT) in coordination with the Centre of Environment and Development in the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE convened the overall sixth steering committee meeting overall and the first in the second phase of the project.  The meeting was scheduled on February 24th and was held at the MCIT premises.

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The Global Trade Matters Dialogue on Climate Neutrality – Vision 2050

CEDARE participated in the Global Trade Matters Dialogue on Climate Neutrality Meeting that was held on November 25th, 2019 at the Cairo Marriott Hotel.

Dr. Hossam Allam, Regional Director, Sustainable Growth Division – CEDARE, presented a speech during the International Cooperation Towards Climate Neutrality Session. The main focus of the speech was about the importance of changing the consumption patterns to be catalyst for sustainable products availability by the private sector.