Sustainable Hotels for the Mediterranean (SHMILE2 Project) Showcased In HACE Hotel Expo 2014 in Egypt, 4-7 February


Minister of Tourism, H.E. Hesham Zaazou congratulating CEDARE on Shmile2 project progress[/caption]

The tourism sector is on its toes as Egypt approaches springtime, and countless activities are going on all over the country in preparation for a high season, and the sector, as always, is ever keen on seeking new ways and concepts to further develop the competitiveness of the sector.

In this spirit, throughout the 4th-7th of February 2014, the Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) showcased the activities of the EU-Funded project, Shmile2: Sustainable Hotels for the Mediterranean, in the HACE Hotel Expo 2014 held in the Cairo International Conference Center (CICC) in the booth of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority (ETA). This Expo was chosen to showcase Shmile2 activities in due to its consistent success in attracting large numbers of all stakeholders of the tourism industry, especially hoteliers, at all levels and all over Egypt.

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Workshop in Libya for Dissemination of BAT4MED Project Outcomes on August 15th, 2013

As part of the final activities of the EU Project, Best Available Techniques for the Mediterranean (BAT4MED), the Center for Environment and Development in the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) is holding a national workshop on the 15th of August 2013 to disseminate project results in Algeria. The event is held in cooperation with the Environmental General Authority (EGA) of Libya at their premises in Alghiran, Tripoli at 10am. As BAT4MED project comes to a close, the project results are being disseminated in other Arab countries of the Mediterranean in a series of workshops. Previous workshops were held in Palestine, Beirut, and Lebanon over the past month.

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Training opportunity for young consultants on Eco-labels for Hotels & Environmental Management

shmileThe Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) has the pleasure to announce the following programme of training modules for aspiring consultants wishing to gain experience in Eco-labels for hotels and environmental management, offered free of charge for a limited number of carefully selected trainees:

Apply by clicking here. Dead line Monday, May 13th

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Eco-labels for Hotels in the Mediterranean Region

Experience Sharing Among South Mediterranean Countries, Egypt, Jordan, Tunis-March 11-13, 2013, Alexandria
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As part of the EU project for Sustainable Hotels (SHMILE-2), the Center for Environment and Development in the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) has the pleasure to announce its upcoming conference for sharing of experiences among south-Mediterranean countries on Eco-labels for Hotels.

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Best of Two Worlds (Bo2W) Project (June 2012 – May 2015)

OkoThe project falls under the theme of “Global recirculation of strategic metals: Best of Two-Worlds approach” seeking opportunities for recycling of strategic materials found in e-waste. In light of the rising shortage in primary raw material on one hand, and the environmental burden of unexploited waste in the developing world on the other hand, the best of two-worlds approach aims to close global raw material life cycles while optimizing the environmental and social return in the developing world. It covers precious metals and critical resources (e.g. platinum group metals and rare earth) as well as base metals (e.g. aluminum, lead and copper) that can be found in (vehicles, electronic equipment, etc.) assessing secondary resources in Egypt and Ghana as well as implementing pilot projects for collection and pre-treatment.

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ShMILE2 (January 2012 – January 2014)

shmileShMILE-2 is a 24 months EC-funded project; a continuation of the 2004 LIFE-Environment programme (ShMILE) on Ecolabeling in European Mediterranean resorts. ShMILE-2 aims to promote European Ecolabels for hotels and ensure its international recognition to ensure better performance/compliance, covering more countries, and promoting north-south cooperation.
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BAT4MED Kickoff Meeting (13-14 January 2011)

The Meeting was organized by Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología (IAT) at IAT premises, Sevilla, Spain during the period from 13-14 January.events13-jan2011

BAT4MED is a 30-month project aiming at analyzing the potential impact of the introduction of the European “IPPC” concept on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control in the Mediterranean region, in order to ensure greater environmental and health protection in this area caused by the industrial activity of international cooperation Mediterranean countries.