Agriculture Food Security and Biotechnology Conference

Event_3_Bio-technology Conference OpeningCEDARE represented by the Environmental Governance Programme co-organized with ISESCO, IUCN, the National Research Center of Egypt, and COMSATS an International Conference on “Agriculture, Food Security and Bio-technology” on 8-9 June 2015, in Cairo.  In the opening ceremony, Dr. Amr AbdelMeguid said that fresh water is continuously threatened by external factors that affect its sustainability.  Available water is decreasing as a result of its pollution due to urbanization, industrialization, and other factors in addition to Climate Change. the consequences of water scarcity and pollution are very acute and that the first sector to suffer will be the agriculture sector. 

 Irrespective the need for increasing food production, agriculture will have to make with lesser-than-present fresh water quantum.  This will dictate adoption of improved methods for irrigation and applied technologies for water saving.  There is no complete single solution, but there are SMART options that contribute to the solutions.  Bio-technology applications are ones of these smart options.