High Level Expert Group Meeting on Climate Change Resilience Capacity Development

Expert Group Meeting OpeningA high level expert Group Meeting was organized by the Environmental Governance programme  to bring together a high level of regional experts from different agencies and backgrounds  that are involved in Water, Agriculture, biodiversity, and Climate Change sectors in order to jointly develop a Capacity Building Program on “Resilience to Climate Change”.  The Expert Group Meeting was supported by the GIZ.

Though SEARCH toolkit is the baseline of the meeting, the experts experience, contribution and knowledge sharing is the asset to meet the objective.

The experts’ discussions outcome developed the framework for designing a training outline to be used for national and regional capacity development in order to enhance socio-ecological resilience to climate change.

The Expert Group Meeting was opened by CEDARE Environmental Governance Programme represented by Dr. Amr AbdelMeguid, PHG represented by Dr. Ayman Rabi, AWC represented by H.E. Dr. Hussein Elatfy, and GIZ.  The opening session was an opportunity to recall the Meeting objective and expected results. Experts were highly encouraged to share their thoughts and experience in order to better achieve the goal.

It was set clear that SEARCH toolkit would be the reference on which to build reflections on possible Capacity Building Programme able to tackle MENA societies resilience towards increasing climate change challenges, develop appropriate strategies, disseminate related acquainted knowledge and appropriate implementation tools.

SEARCH toolkit was recognized among others by its added value as it is ecosystem-based, participatory-based, realistic and does show concrete resilience plans implementation tools. As such, SEARCH toolkit meets the real regional needs towards social resilience to climate change planning development and implementation.

Three presentations by PHG and University of Abdelmalek Essaadi (SEARCH Partners) took place during the workshop which demonstrated a general background on the Resilience Development in the Face of Climate Change and affirm certain concepts to help in the discussions.


Experts plenary discussions allowed them share relevant recommendations as:

The need to focus on priority target groups to avoid intervention superficiality and efforts waste and to guarantee the maximum effectiveness and sustainability of the programme;

To design different training material and methodologies to address each target group specific necessities, profile, level of participation and interaction;

To tailor the training sessions and topics to the specific country needs;

Educate on success stories and demonstrate resilience interventions' shortfall;

Design the trainings to be the most effective and ultimately lead to real change.