CEDARE Water Programme Manager, elected chair of the Global Water Partnership Regional Chairs

gwp_logo_anniversaryCEDARE Regional Water Manager and GWP-Eastern Africa Chair, Prof. Khaled M. AbuZeid, has been elected Chair of GWP Regional Chairs. Prof. AbuZeid is appointed Chair of GWP Regional Chairs until the end of 2018. Accordingly, he will be representing the 13 GWP Regional Water Partnerships (RWPs) at the GWP Global Steering Committee as an Ex-Officio Member. The 2nd GWP Global Steering Committee Meeting will be held in Stockholm, GWP Head Office, during the period of 6-9 December 2016.

The 13 GWP Regional Water Partnerships that will be represented by Dr. AbuZeid, include GWP Eastern Africa, GWP Central Africa, GWP West Africa, GWP Southern Africa, GWP Mediterranean, GWP South Asia, GWP Southeast Asia, GWP Central Asia & Caucasus, GWP China, GWP South America, ‎GWP Caribbean, GWP Central America, GWP Central & Eastern Europe.

GWP's vision calls for a Water Secure World through Urban Water Security, Transboundary Water Security, Ecosystems Water Security, Food and Water Security, Climate Change and Water Security, and Achieving the Water SDG and associated Targets.