Cooperation with the Electronic Research Institute (ERI)

ERI, was established by the Presidential Decree No. 38 in 1989. It is one of the specialized institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research. The activities of ERI include theoretical and applied research in the fields of electronics, communications, computers, and informatics. Catering scientific consultancy services to the industrial sector, for both production and services. Currently, ERI constitutes seven departments that include more than two hundred research members to be one of the largest research entities in Egypt.

The research institute provides technical training, operation management training and technical labs for researchers use and incubation hub for entrepreneurs.

Based on our meeting and our discussions and the readiness of the institute to work in the e-waste field we agreed on the following venues for cooperation:

  • Establish a lab for e-waste to cover dismantling the testing of components, provide practical training and act as a research lab for e-waste.
  • Provide a TOT training to professors from different disciplines within the institute on e-waste based on the developed SRI curriculum.
  • ERI reflected their interest in re-use of equipment and components, consequently the training should target the various stages of recycling, dismantling, testing & quality control and finally re-assembly.
  • The establishment of an incubation program for entrepreneurs on e-waste and organize awareness and information sessions through the institute with the support of the SRI staff.
  • The completion of the refurbishment curriculum by the ERI to complement the dismantling curriculum to have a complete e-waste management curriculum.
  • The establishment or a collection center for the MCIT used equipment as a pilot.