Government Officials Trained on Sustainable Public Procurement Manual


As the key output of the Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Project, the SPP Manual was launched by CEDARE & the Ministry of Environment, under the umbrella of UN Environment, on 25 September, 2017 through a training workshop for government officials. The training material, which is based on the manual, tackles all about sustainable and green procurement in light of Tenders and Auctions Law number 89 for year 1998 and its Executive Regulation.

The government plays a major role in adopting sustainable and green consumption and DSC_1219production policy. At the same time, it is perceived as the country's main buyer. A wide range of governmental entities received in the training, i.e. the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Electricity, Health Insurance Authority, Ministry of Housing, Public Transport Authority, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry represented in Cleaner Production Technology Center, Industrial Monitoring Authority, National Center for Accreditation, and General Authority for Specifications and Quality.

Environmental and economic dimensions have to be extensively included in the state’s public policies as well as consumers’ behavior needs to become wiser and more resourceful. That is why, the Ministry of Environment, CEDARE, and the UN Environment, 9 months ago, launched the SwitchMed Demo Projects on Reduction of Plastic Bags, and Mainstreaming Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP), with the support of the European Commission. The two projects were listed in the National Action Plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The training workshop was attended by Mr. Luc Reuter, SwitchMed Programme Coordinator, UN Environment, Mr. John Watt, Sustainable Economy and Procurement Officer, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and experts from CEDARE and the Ministry of Environment. During the session, a number of national initiatives were showcased, such as Conversion of governmental vehicles and taxis to natural gas besides introducing LED lamps to the Egyptian Government.

Download the Sustainable Public Procurement Manual