ShMILE2 (January 2012 – January 2014)

shmileShMILE-2 is a 24 months EC-funded project; a continuation of the 2004 LIFE-Environment programme (ShMILE) on Ecolabeling in European Mediterranean resorts. ShMILE-2 aims to promote European Ecolabels for hotels and ensure its international recognition to ensure better performance/compliance, covering more countries, and promoting north-south cooperation.

It will adapt and promote the Ecolabel and train stakeholders in the partner countries; France, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt (11 partners & 5 associate partners). CEDARE is responsible for conducting the local studies and surveys in cooperation with the governorates of Matrouh and Alexandria and managing the capacity building and information dissemination activities including provision of two training workshops for hotels and young professionals in the sector, as well as conducting analysis for 30 hotels, of which 5 hotels will be further assisted to prepare for the European ecolabel certification including conducting mock audits.