Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan for Egypt-SwitchMed Project (2014-2015)



Adding to CEDARE's efforts in lobbying for a national transition to a green economy and adopting a sustainable development directive, the SwitchMed project focuses on sustainable consumption and production.

The EC funded multi‐component SWITCH‐Med programme assists the 10 ENPI South target countries of the southern Mediterranean to develop and implement policies to SWITCH to sustainable pattern of consumption and production (SCP) promoting it among consumers, small and medium‐sized enterprises and Mediterranean policy‐makers. Egypt is one of the countries d by the project and towards this end, an SSFA agreement was signed by UNEP and CEDARE in June 2014. The main aim of the cooperation within the context of SwitchMed is to design an action plan to introduce SCP in four main sectors based on CEDARE’s ‘Green Economy Scoping Study for Egypt’ launched in cooperation with UNEP. The focus is on 4 sectors, including: Agriculture, Energy, Waste and Water.

Project's Main Outcomes and Milestones

  1. Assessment of SCP in Egypt
  2. Organizing a launching workshop for the action plan
  3. Develop sectoral national SCP action plans on Energy, Water, Agriculture, and Waste
  4. 4. National validation Workshop for the draft SCP action plan
  5. Final draft of the National SCP action plan

Download the National Action Plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production