Experts Group Meeting on Climate Change Resilience Capacity Building

Event_4_Expert Group Meeting OpeningCEDARE organized an Expert Group Meeting on 11 May 2015 in Sharm ElSheikh for the preparation of a Capacity Building Programme on “Resilience Development in the Face of Climate Change” in cooperation with the Arab Water Council (AWC), Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG) and IUCN. The expert Group Meeting was supported by GIZ. The Expert Group Meeting was opened by CEDARE represented by Dr. Amr AbedlMeguid, Regional Programme Manager of the Environmental Governance Programme, PHG represented by Dr. Ayman Rabi, AWC represented by its Executive Director H.E. Dr. Hussein Al-Atfy and Former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, and GIZ represented by Dr. Hammou Lamrani. The opening session was an opportunity to recall the Meeting objective and expected results.

Experts were highly encouraged to share their thoughts and experience in order to better achieve the goal. Based on the working groups recommendations, It was set clear that SEARCH toolkit would be the reference on which to build reflections on possible Capacity Building Programme able to tackle MENA societies resilience towards increasing climate change challenges, develop appropriate strategies, disseminate related acquainted knowledge and appropriate implementation tools. SEARCH toolkit was recognized among others by its added value as it is ecosystem-based, participatory-based, realistic and does show concrete resilience plans implementation tools. As such, SEARCH toolkit meets the real regional needs towards social resilience to climate change planning development and implementation. Experts did approve a shared understanding of the capacity-building concept, they assent it as 'knowledge increasing capability with competence, using proper methodology and tools adapted to the context'. Working groups did define capacity-building process, for individuals and institutions, as analytical skills upgrade leading to proper summarizing and prioritizing to be translated into appropriate operational plans. They did recall that the intended capacity building programme to promote social resilience to climate change needs to be based on SEARCH toolkit and has to contribute to knowledge and tools spread and adaptation to related issues and different contexts. The capacity-building programme will, thus, be training-based design. As such, it needs proper financial support.