Support to the European Union Water Initiative Mediterranean Component (MED EUWI), Duration (2011-2012)

EUWIThe Project will give technical support to the MED EUWI Secretariat in the implementation of activities in the framework of the Mediterranean Component of the EU Water Initiative. This is one of the components of the EU Water Initiative launched in 2002. The overall objective of the project is to promote the adoption of IWRM governance principles through their use for the definition and implementation of water management policies and measures, at both national and regional levels. This will be achieved through the implementation of national policy dialogues, support for the Joint Process WFD-MED EUWI and support to the Strategy for Water in the Mediterranean. In this context, the MED EUWI Secretariat will take the lead in planning and establishing the relevant activities with the support of the project and the Project will deliver technical expertise and implement studies and dialogue processes.