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Integrated Waste Management in West Africa (IWWA) (June 2010 – June 2012)

Within the EU 7th Framework Programme, IWWA project proposes an alternative for the empowerment of authorities, policy makers and key stakeholders that have a role in the Wa


ste Management chain. The project will contribute to the improvement of solid waste management systems in West Africa, by promoting appropriate management policies at national and regional levels and gathering authorities, policy makers and other stakeholders (private sector, NGOs, general public, etc.) in the design of waste management practices, with the support of African and European experts.

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EUROMED PPRD South Programme (June 2010 – June 2011)

This project is a component of the Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters Programme (PPRD) South Programme that supports international cooperation for the reinforcement of Civil Protection capacities between the European Union, the Mediterranean and Balkan Partner Countries under the umbrella of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). pprd

The objective is to secure good usability of the Arabic version of the (PPRD) South web Portal in the whole Mediterranean context in view to ensure proper accessibility of the information published, to meet user requirements pointed out by the Programme partners and to effectively improve the circulation of Civil Protection information in the region. CEDARE was responsible for Arabizing the English version of the South Web Portal. The project started on June 2010 and ended on June 2011. 

CEDARE sheds some light on the obstacles for ratification of the 1997 UN Convention for Non-novigational uses of International Watercourses at the AWMC Meeting in Damascus-Syria 24-25 May, 2010

CEDARE sheds some light on the obstacles for ratification of the 1997 UN ConventionDr. Khaled Abu-Zeid, CEDARE Regional Water Program Manager, and Regional Director of Technical Programs at the Arab Water Council, shed some light on the obstacles for the ratification of the 1997 UN Convention by some countries in the Arab Region.  He mentioned that the convention is full of positive articles.  However, as he stated, the convention should have dealt explicitly with the waters in the river basin as a whole rather than just what’s in the watercourse, because all waters within the river basin are affected by one another and by their respective uses.  This would include Green Water used for green cover (forests, rainfed agriculture, pasture and grazing land), and also Blue Water recharging groundwater, and surface rivers. 

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SWITCH Strategy Studies Evaluated

Third Strategy studiesOn the 29th and the 30th of March, 2010, CEDARE organized the third Strategy studies and strategic planning workshop that was held in Alexandria under the framework of the EU funded project SWITCH (Sustainable Water management Improves Tomorrow's Cities' Health) . The main purpose of the workshop was to evaluate the ongoing strategy studies for Alexandria Water resources and integrate their results for future planning.  The strategy studies focused on all aspects of urban water management including, wastewater reuse, desalination, institutional mapping, water demand management , numerical modeling of urban water, groundwater potential, storm water management, financial sustainability, and tariff affordability.  Strategic planning sessions focused on finding a starting point for the anticipated Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) strategic plan for Alexandria with the year 2037 being the target year. The 2037 IUWM strategic plan is the overall goal and the major expected output of the SWITCH project in Alexandria.

CEDARE participates in the Arab-German IWRM Masters Advisory Board Meeting

CEDARE participates in the Arab-German IWRM Masters Advisory Board MeetingDr. Khaled AbuZeid, CEDARE Regional Water Program Manager, and member of the Advisory Board of the Arab-German Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Masters of Science Program, has attended the regular Annual Meeting in Amman recently to explore the achievements of the program and the planning of the future of the program.  The meeting was followed by the graduation ceremony of the 2nd  batch of MSc graduates.  The program provides a great opportunity for cross-cultural education mixed with an opportunity for shared professional experience in the water sector.   Part of the program is delivered in Cologne, Germany and the other part is delivered in Amman, Jordan.  CEDARE will also be hosting one or two German students working on their Masters this year where practical experience for Germans on water issues in the Arab Region will be provided.  The program provides a great opportunity for young professionals from Germany and the Arab Region to develop their career and open opportunities for professional advancements which will help shape their futures in international development.   For more information on the program visit

CEDARE delivers presentation on Role of Regional Centers in Climate Change Adaptation at UNFCCC Workshop

CEDARE deliver presentation on Role of Regional Centers in Climate ChangeIn the UNFCCC workshop held in Samoa, 2-5 March 2010, Dr. Khaled AbuZeid, Regional Water Program Manager, delivered a presentation on climate change impacts on the Water Sector in the Arab Region and the role of CEDARE as a Regional Center that can contribute to Climate Change Adaptation activities in the Arab Region.  CEDARE’s regional role and activities in the area of Environment & Development were presented including its role in regional Environmental and Water assessment and reporting, as well as its role in initiating, and executing regional cooperation projects in the field and the potential for taking up the role for capacity building and execution of regional projects in the area of climate change adaptation.   Link to Dr. AbuZeid’s presentation:

Transboundary Water Resources Management: A global Initiative for Understanding

The CEDARE Water Resources Management Programme has participated in an International Workshop about Transboundary Water Resources Management that was held in Stockholm, Sweden from the 22nd to the 26th of February, 2010 and Organized by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) in cooperation with the Swedish International Water Institute (SIWI).  CEDARE was represented by Eng. Mohamed Elrawady who presented a comprehensive assessment of the 1997 UN convention on the non-navigational uses of International water courses. He has also suggested some modifications to be implemented in the convention, so as to enhance global acceptance. A joint report between CEDARE and SIWI is currently in progress.