RKNOW Project (Regional KNOWledge Network on Water Energy and Food Nexus)

Overall Objective: to create a network in order to provide knowledge around Water, Energy and Food Nexus, among policy makers and practitioners, national and regional organizations, local communities and CBOs, etc. 

Nexus Definition: The Nexus approach integrates management and governance across sectors and scales, with the goal of achieving water security, sustainable energy and food security to reduce hunger and improve livelihoods, under the stress factors of population growth, urbanization, economic stability situation, climate change, etc.. 

Approach: A Nexus approach addresses the water, energy and food as resources and in the meantime as sectors for coordination.  Interventions are at three directions; i) Governance, ii) Economic instruments, and iii) Environment.  This would pave the way to policy coherence, equitable utilization of resources, resource efficiency, resilient communities and ecosystems, environmental conservation and sustainable development. 

Scope: Provide information and case studies about water, food and energy Nexus; approaches and Perspectives; to create a paradigm shift towards sustainable growth; socially, economically and environmentally.