2nd Mediterranean Water Forum, 25-27 November 2014, Murcia, Spain

The Mediterranean water community has initiated an efficient synergy in view to consolidate the cooperation and exchange of knowhow and experience in the field of water by organizing the 1st Mediterranean Water Forum in Marrakesh (Morocco) in December 2011. This 1st Mediterranean Water Forum coordinated by the Mediterranean Water Institute (IME) with the support of the State Secretariat in charge of Water and Environment in Morocco, could mobilize the Mediterranean water community for the participation at the 6th World Water Forum (Marseille, March 2012). In coherence with all initiatives and programmes currently running and to be implemented in the Mediterranean region, the 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum was a new step for the dialogue between all the stakeholders concerned by water and environmental issues. Dr. Khaled AbuZeid, Regional Water Resources Programme Manager participated as a network partner in the 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum during the period from 25 to 27 November 2014 in Murcia, Spain and organized a number of sessions aiming  Water sanitation for all, Integrated Water Resources Management, Adaptation to Climate Change and Nexus Water/Energy/Food Security.