Highlights from CEDARE’s contribution to the #COP27 Presidency Science Day (4/4)

In collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Environment and Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, CEDARE contributed to the design and organization of four #bluezone sessions as part of the Presidency Science Day, including “Africa’s Changing Environment: Improving Africa’s Resilience to Climate Change.”

Speakers: Dr Philip Osano, Director, SEI — Stockholm Environment Institute Africa; Dr Youba Sokona, Vice-Chair, IPCC; Dr Kristina Guild Douglass, Associate Professor of Climate, Columbia Climate SchoolColumbia University; and Prof. Hans Pörtner, Co-Chair, Working Group II, IPCC .

Moderator: Mr Charles Sebukeera, Africa Science Coordinator, UN Environment Programme.

CEDARE would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the Ministries of Environment, and Higher Education and Scientific Research, for this opportunity and to congratulate them on the success of the Science Day.