Institutional setup

  • The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the highest governing organ of CEDARE, which oversees the Center's function, its budget, and evaluate its performance.
  • The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) : The TAC is composed of a number of specialists. They advise the Executive Director on programmes, budget needs, and potential sources of financing for each programme.
  • Executive Committee : The Broad of Trustees appoints from its members an Executive Committee for CEDARE consisting of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director and three other Trustees. The BOT chairman shall be the chairman of the executive committee.
  • Executive Director : The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer, managing CEDARE's activities and finances, appointing Programme Leaders and other necessary staff. The Executive Director acts also as a convener of the Technical Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees.


The above organigram outlines the structure of CEDARE. It is composed of 3 levels: Strategic, Executive, and Programme Management & Operations.


CEDARE's permanent premises, Cairo-Egypt.
Donated by the Government of Egypt