CEDARE Supports Mauritania in Disaster Risk Reduction: Capacity building in risk evaluation

Throughout 3rd-4th of April, 2018, CEDARE successfully delivered a workshop for Quick Risk Estimation (QRE) in cities of Mauritania in support of national capacity building in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The workshop was delivered in cooperation with UNISDR, UNDP office in Mauritania, UNDP office of Tunisia, and the DRR focal point in the Ministry of Environment in Mauritania. A consultation session at the Ministry of Interior was also conducted on the 5th of April to assist in planning next activities.

Major challenges in cities of Mauritania include various types of floods, episodes of droughts, locust invasions, sea level rise, Malaria outbreaks, and pressures from increased urbanization, among other pressures and hazards. This falls under the activities of CEDARE in its agreement with  to support piloting the Quick Risk Estimation (QRE) tool in 6 cities in two countries: 3 cities in Tunisia (Bousalem, Kasserine and Gabes) and 3 in Mauritania (Tevragh Zeina, Kaedi, Rosso). The purpose is to identify and understand current and future risks / stress / shocks and exposure threats to both human and physical assets, and to deliver capacity building and in the process.

The QRE produces a dashboard-style risk assessment advising the risks and hazards to human and physical assets, impacts of identified main risks and associated perils on the specified location and/or particular asset. Therefore, this will be the preliminary results for the comprehensive risk assessment that will be needed to be conducted afterward, building towards the development of action plans and to eventually guide decision makers in mobilization of resources for DRR action.