Support to Formal E-waste Recyclers

The SRI project, funded by the Swiss Government who signed an agreement with the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT), are working under the presidential initiative of digital transformation to utilize e-waste recycling primary to refurbish used equipment that would serve the initiative in-line with safe recycling of e-waste concept through utilizing the premises of Silicon Waha which is a private company owned by MCIT.

Four meetings were convened on Oct. 2020, Nov. 2021, April 2022 & December 2022 with the existing formal recycling companies in Egypt to find out the best business formula that would serve the business in the most efficient way, provide the utmost profits to recyclers, serve the Egypt’s best interest while following the rules and regulations established by the Ministry of Environment to provide environmentally safe recycling of all e-waste generated in Egypt.

These meetings reflected the support that the SRI program has demonstrated during phase I and intends to continue during phase II with constant dialogue and feedback from stakeholders.