Cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education

Two meetings were convened with the Ministry of Higher Education, one was online and the second at the premises of the Ministry.  CEDARE indicated the importance of training that the project provided in the first phase and how it was targeting new ventures and starting an e-waste recycling business. Additionally, the importance of institutionalizing the SRI training to sustain education in this field and how it started with institutions within the MCIT in the form of a course but then the idea developed into greater depth and into making it part of electronic education within universities. It was highlighted the opportunity of having Egypt as E-waste recycling hub for the African and Arab countries which will need high level calibers in this important industry.

The two meetings resulted in agreement on the best modality of cooperation to incorporate the curricula especially that they would expand the curricula beyond technological universities to other universities and specialties in different forms.  It was decided that a committee of IT professors will be formed to discuss how to integrate the e-waste into the existing curriculum and SRI project will organize a TOT online for the committee of professors.