Ministry of Environment Cooperation Meetings

Under the umbrella of collaboration that was formed between the Ministry of Environment (MoE), Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT) and the SRI programme that commenced since the first phase of the programme and was emphasized by the involvement of MoE as a main stakeholder in the Steering Committee meetings and in the implementation of the activities and objectives of the project that is in line with the Ministry’s rules and regulations.

Collaboration meetings are held periodically at least every couple of months to discuss the challenges and needs of the e-waste industry in Egypt.  Several topics were addressed through this cooperation on the policy level starting with the Guidelines for e-waste management, as per the executive regulations of the new waste law 202/2022, these included:

  • Finalizing the EPR system in all aspects in cooperation with other entities
  • Recruiting a metal extraction auditor
  • Establishing the Audit centralization & accreditation system
  • Providing digital auditing system and support testing and development of the system
  • ToT for the accreditation body to support governmental, private, and individual auditors
  • Continuing with the hazardous component to deliver an opportunity and feasibility study
  • Supporting the COP 27 initiative with a regional hub project concept paper