Egypt’s Energy Transition.. Whereto? A High-Policy Dialogue organized by CEDARE & FES

In light of climate change mitigation and in conjunction with Egypt hosting the COP27, the Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)-Egypt Office held today a high-level policy dialogue on “Energy Transition in Egypt”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy in Egypt. This comes as part of the growing interest in promoting sustainability, specially with regards to clean energy.

The dialogue comprised policy makers, representatives of governmental bodies, energy institutions, international organizations, experts and academia in the energy and sustainability sector. It aimed to enhance cooperation between all parties in order to facilitate the transition to sustainable and green energy resources and maximize the benefit of renewable energy.

The session addressed the energy efficiency portfolio and demonstrated the efforts of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources  and the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy to rely on renewable sources of energy, measures to reduce emissions, mobilize resources for financing and fostering investment in sustainable energy systems.

“By today’s session, we seek to create a fruitful dialogue between all key players in the field of resource efficiency and energy transition in Egypt, where countries previous experiences are showcased, different scenarios were outlined to reach the best perception of the energy mix and to identify the latest energy transition technologies such as decarbonization, storage and utilization, as well as reviewing the portfolio of low-carbon hydrogen production, use and transport. One of the most important gains of today’s forum is the exchange of knowledge and sharing best-practices on this imperative file”, said Dr. Hossam Allam, Sustainable Growth Regional Director, CEDARE.

“The importance of this dialogue is basically due to the fact it is a small committee of experts concerned with the future of energy in Egypt ranging from freelancer consultants, representatives of petroleum companies and energy companies to a distinctive presence of government companies working in the energy field. Today we focused on discussing the challenges facing energy transition as well as opportunities, specially green hydrogen and comparing them with previous opportunities related to the mainstreaming of clean and renewable energy, and how to link the production, use and export of green hydrogen with Egypt’s potential and resources of solar energy and other renewable energy means and how to store them. This session will not be the last, but it will be followed by a series of dialogues and panel discussions between experts and officials of sectors related to environmental sustainability in light of the outcomes of Sharm ElSheikh Climate Summit-COP27”, added Mr. Waleed Mansour, Climate & Energy Program Manager, FES-Egypt Office.

“I would like to thank CEDARE and FES for conducting this important dialogue and for giving me the chance to moderate the session. I was also honored by being given the opportunity to identify this elite list of experts who contributed to the dialogue which revolved around one of the most outstanding topics worldwide, specifically for Egypt. We facilitated a brainstorming session where some of Egypt’s high-level experts on Energy were taking part in drawing a more focused and comprehensive vision based on their diversified perspectives. Energy transition is defined as a fundamental shift in the way energy is consumed and produced with the aim of reducing emissions, since the energy sector is always known for being the main cause of high emissions”. stated Dr. Samir ElKareish, Vice President of Energy Transition and Sustainability, Egypt Holding Company (EGAS) and member of COP27 Preparation Committee.