“Climate Finance for Energy Transition in Egypt” A High-Level Policy Dialogue by CEDARE & FES Egypt Office

This serious topic was the second in a row of high-level dialogues after the first dialogue on Energy Transition in Egypt and came as the key recommendation of its participants who stressed the importance of Climate Finance as the most important catalyst to turn Egypt’s Energy Transition plans into reality.

The session was moderated by Dr. Samir El Kareish, Vice Chairman of EGAS for Sustainability and Energy Transition, and brought together distinguished stakeholders from the energy sector and national and international financial institutions and banks. Ministries, governmental authorities, national and international institutions, private international corporations, research centers and independent experts were present, where all players explored collaboration prospects and exchanged experiences and knowledge for better understanding and risk reduction. They shared overviews on the opportunities and challenges of green financing and showcased multiple success stories and learned lessons.