POLICY PAPER: Low-Emission Zones (LEZs) and Prerequisites for Sustainable Cities and Clean Air in Egypt

Through CEDARE’s latest collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Egypt, and the Egyptian ministry of environment, this report discusses how Egypt is in a better position now ‘than ever’, to move from planning to action regarding clean-air measures.

Air pollution in Egypt has for long been an alarming and a pressing challenge, but the enabling environment to move towards cleaner fuels and introduce alternative green technologies might not have been sufficient yet for such necessary clean-air transition. With the recent promising developments in Egypt today, it is possible to re-assess such readiness.

Therefore, this policy papers discusses different globally applied emission reduction policy packages, with a special focus on the Low-emission zones policy. It gives recommendations for the way forward, aiming to address the challenges faced in Egypt’s growing cities and rising rates of motorization.

From Policy to Action_Experts meeting Alexandria 2021