BAT4MED 5th Project Management Board Meeting (12-13 December, 2012), Cairo – Egypt

On the 12th and 13th of December 2012, the 5th project management board meeting of the BAT4MED project was held in Cairo, Egypt. The meeting included all project partners, namely IAT, VITO, SSSUP, CP/RAC, EEAA, CITET, and CEDARE.

BAT4MEDProject partners presented interim results and discussed the plans of the project’s final year of activities. CEDARE presented the work plan for the policy briefs formulation, as the final outcome of the BAT4MED project. CEDARE also discussed planningthe project’s sustainability strategy to ensure a sustained impact of the project beyond its completion. To this end, CEDARE aims to organize six national workshops during 2013 to promote the project results in non-partner Arab Mediterranean countries.