Green Economy Scoping Study for Egypt (December 2012 – July 2013)

unepCEDARE in cooperation with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are cooperating with the Egyptian Ministry of state for environmental affairs represented by the Egyptian environmental affairs agency (EEAA) to implement Green economy scoping study for Egypt. The overall objective of this study is to support and complement national initiatives on green economy, through macroeconomic assessment and policy analysis with a view to better understand how government policies and public and private investment can help achieve the fundamental macroeconomic objectives of income growth, economic development/diversification, and job creation, following a path that also contributes to social equity and environmental improvement. The study focuses on 4 sectors: Agriculture, Water, Energy, and Waste Management.

The study also illustrates successful initiatives by public authorities, the private sector or civil society organizations. Success stories are meant to showcase innovative approaches to sustainable development resulting in economic benefits (e.g. growth in output), social gains (e.g. employment creation, health benefits); and environmental improvement (e.g. reduction of carbon emissions, enhancing energy/resource efficiency, ecosystem restoration).