July 20 2017

NEW : Trucks and Loaders Tender Results:

The winner of the tender for Lot 1 and Lot 2 is Ghabbour Auto. 

Appology Letters: 

Egypco: Egypco Appology Letter

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Tender for a Supply Contract of  2 Tipper Trucks and 2 Loaders

Ref. PDP/UIAP/2016/066/FA24/CFP3/FA24 – GIZ/CEDARE/Loaders-Trucks 


1) Contract Notice May 17 2017

2)   Trucks and Loaders Tender dossier May 17 2017 – Page 1 to 70

3) Trucks and Loaders Tender dossier May 17 2017 Page 71 to 140

Correction on page 109 for the Loaders Specifications


•    The breakout forces not less than 8 tons.

•    Tipping load at full turn angle not less than 7 tons.

•    Tipping load at straight line not less than 8 tons.

•    Dump height at 45 degree angle not less than 2.7 m.

•    Operating weight not less than 10 tons.

اداء اللودر:

•  قوة القطع لا تقل عن 8طن Breakout Force.

•  حمل الانقلاب عند أقصى زاوية دوران لا يقل عن 7طن Tipping at full turn load.   

• حمل الانقلاب فى خط مستقيم لا يقل عن 8 طن. Tipping load at straight line

•  ارتفاع التفريغ عند 45 درجة من نهاية الأظافر لا تقل عن 2,7م.

وزن تشغيل المعدة لا يقل عن 10 طن دون أى اضافات للمعدة  Operating weight




1) Is South Korea accepted as a country of origin for the equipment to be supplied under this tender ? 

South Korea is not a country listed in the EU acceptable countries of origin section under this tender (page 6-7-8) of the tender dossier.

2) If the supplies under one lot are under 100,000 Euros, does the origin rule still apply ? 

The origin rule is based on the total of the two lots under this tender as per the contracting authority’s budget at the time of launching the tender. So the rule of origin applies to any of the two lots even if the supplies of one lot are under 100,000 Euros. 

3) Are the spare parts set required for the loaders lot for each loader or for both loaders ?

Each loader requires a separate set of spare parts