Life on this planet depends on water. More precious than oil, yet routinely wasted, water is arguably the world's most pressing resource issue. Humanity is struggling to manage water in ways that are efficient, equitable, and environmentally sound.

Many parts of the world will face increasingly dire conditions as populations grow, cities expand, and sources of clean, fresh water disappear. Compared to other regions, Arab countries in particular, experience a substantial scarcity of renewable water resources since most of the Arab region lies in an arid and semi-arid zone where rainfall is mostly low, variable and unpredictable. Consequently, these water shortages are expected to become more frequent and more severe.

CEDARE’s Water Resources Programme was formulated to address all current and future water challenges with a strategic goal as well as specific goals.


Strategic Goal

To maximize the economic, social and environmental benefits of water use by promoting the principle of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).


Specific Goals

Achieving water MDGs

Assessing the state of water in the Arab Region

Development & Implementation of IWRM Plan

Enhancing management of shared water resources

Promoting low-cost water technologies

Optimizing Water Usage (surface and groundwater)

Developing Non-conventional Water Resources