Water Conflicts and Conflict Management Mechanisms on the Local Level in the Middle East and North Africa Region (World bank-CEDARE), Duration (2005-2007)

Water ConflictsIn light of the scarcity of water resources especially in the Middle East, in many cases, conflicts arise over these resources on the local level among users or on the national level among the different sectors, such as industry, agriculture, drinking water, tourism, etc. Thus, CEDARE, in cooperation with the World Bank prepared a study on the conflicts management mechanisms in some Middle Eastern countries.

Type of services provided:

  • Access and analyze the causes of conflicts on the water resources and the relevant economic and social dimensions.
  • Assess current conflicts resolution mechanisms on the local level and prepare the future views of their development.
  • Analytical comparison between the various mechanisms employed in this study.
  • Disseminating success stories in the field of conflicts resolution.