NBI DSS (Nile Basin Initiative-CEDARE), Duration (2007-2008)

NBI DSSThe development of the Nile Basin DSS shall be based on Identified specific needs to support regional cooperation in the Nile Basin and as such should be demand driven and depend on the types of decisions that are required to be made.  The Nile Basin DSS primarily serve as a regional tool while at the same time it has to be relevant at the national level as well. 

Enhance analytical capacity for basin-wide perspective to support development, management, and protection of Nile Basin water resources in an equitable, optimal, integrated and sustainable manner through identification of user's needs and development of DSS design to meet those needs.

Type of services provided:

  • Conducting detailed assessment of the needs of the potential users of the DSS
  • Documenting the requirements of the system
  • Preparing conceptual design of the DSS
  • Preparing a detailed development plan, including a training procurement plan