Capacity Building for the Arab Water Council (AWC-CEDARE-World Bank), Duration (2007-2009)

Capacity Building for the Arab Water CouncilCapacity Building of the Arab Water Council is to generate changes in national institutions and policies in the Arab Countries of the Middle East and North Africa to enable more efficient water management in the region.  A memorandum of understanding was signed between CEDARE and the World Bank on February 2007 to enhance the AWC organizational capacity to fulfill and sustain its function as the regional water knowledge platform.  Total Budget allocated to the project is $ 300,000.  The activities will be carried out upon signing the contract for duration of 30 months period.

Type of services provided:

  • Organizational Structure and Administrative Guidelines
  • Training Program; and Implementation of Training Program.
  • Fostering Networks and Raising Awareness in the Region
  • AWC website and capacity to host virtual community of practices
  • Support for the Creation of the Arab Water Council Academy AWCA Institutional Design and Curriculum