CEDARE supports Investment in Sanitation for Africa

CEDARE supports Investment in Sanitation for AfricaDuring the 2nd Africa Water Week, Johannesburg, 9-13/11/2009, CEDARE joined the list of organizations and individuals working towards the promotion of more attention and investment in sanitation services for Africa.  It is known that Sanitation coverage in 38 countries in Africa is less than 50%.

Only 6 countries in Africa are on track to meet the Sanitation MDG Target.

To meet the sanitation MDG target in Africa, over 400 million people need to gain access to improved sanitation services during the period 2006-2015.

Currently urban sanitation coverage in Africa is 53% and only 29% in rural Africa.  Improved sanitation services not recognizes and respects human rights and dignity, but also improves school attendance for children, improves health and environment conditions, and increases work force and job efficiency.