The National Consultation Workshop, MEWINA, 9-11 July 2013, Mauritania

Mauritania’s Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation organized its national Consultation Workshop on July 10th, 2013, which was attended by the Water Resources & Sanitation Technical Consultant on behalf of H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Amin Weld Ebih, the Regional Coordinator, the Rapid Assessment consultants and assessors, the Mauritanian AMCOW TAC member & National Coordinator, the national team, the National M&E Specialist, the National Task Force members and other stakeholders. It aimed at discussing the findings of the Rapid Assessment of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems and Water Indicators; namely the draft national RA Report of Mauritania, the draft RA transboundary Report of Senegal River Basin (OMVS), and the AMCOW Report.

The workshop objective was to verify data and indicators at the national level and to reach an agreed upon set of water sector indicators which will contribute to the preparation of the periodical national State of the Water Report, and hence, the sub-regional and regional SOW Reports.